History of Danny Daniels


In the early 90s Danny was creating his own boards in his backyard. Anyone who has know him since grade school will always have stories of him building something. This carried on into his life as of today.

After high school he joined the U.S. Army, so life as a surfer had to take a slight pause. When he returned safely from overseas he was back in the water and creating more than ever. With the skills that he gained in the Army and the skills that he was born with just made life a little easier.

His passion for the water and surfing has only made the creation of each board amazing for each person. Every board that he creates will bring you as a surfer to the next level. This is not it! He glasses all his own boards too! So from start to finish its only in his hands. He can build surfboards from wood to foam. Take a look at some of his previous builds.

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